'Working Artists, Dorset'

Young Woman with Crossed HandsMichael will be showing a recent work, 'Seated girl with crossed hands' for the first time at Poole Arts Centre's mixed exhibition Working Artists, Dorset to run from 25th July - 18th September 2009.

The renowned Sculptor Dame Elisabeth Frink described herself as a 'Working Artist Living In Dorset'. For a growing number of Artists whose work is also recognised internationally the description is equally apt. Professional Artists whose work is informed by the Landscape and Geology of the Dorset Coast and those who have taught and influenced subsequent generations of Artists confer a sense of place and community upon this diverse exhibition. Featuring the work of Alistair Michie, Michael Taylor, Brian Graham, Martyn Brewster, John Liddell, Michael Griffiths, and Michael Gough this collection of work, includes Painting, Drawing and Printmaking."



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