June 21st is Stereoscopy Day!

Broken Camera with Red Curtain

June 21st is Stereoscopy day!...yes, #stereoscopyday and from now on will be every year, it is worldwide and I'm a supporter, so listen up or visit https://stereoscopyday.wordpress.com/ The painting on the right represents the autopsy of my much loved but now ex-stereoscopic camera (A 35mm Edixa). I often use stereo transparencies as a studio aid, so my contribution here is to share an article I have written on the techniques and benefits of the practice.

You can read the article here: https://stereoscopy.blog/2022/04/02/the-art-of-stereoscopy-michael-taylor/)
If you take two photographs, one from the viewpoint of each eye and then overlap them until they fuse into one, you create a fully three dimensional single image, which I have found to be an invaluable help, particularly when it comes to portraits. Not only is the form conveyed clearly, but texture and transparency too, with none of the spatial ambiguities inherent in ordinary photos: Form, shadow detail, highlights & reflections are all clearly rendered in space. Once mastered, the sheer visual physicality and joy of depth perception is sharpened, and from then on you become intensely aware of it.
Using transparencies gives a very high definition, immersive result. Although I prefer to work as much from life as possible, sitters can be busy people, and this really takes the pressure off….never a starting point though, only an aid. Stereoscopy Day will be held every year on June 21st, the day in 1838 when Sir Charles Wheatstone presented his stereoscope to the Royal Society and demonstrated his theory of binocular vision. Stereo enthusiast Dr Brian May, who's other hobbys include astrophysics and playing the guitar, is responsible for re-launching the venerable Victorian London Stereoscopic Company, and along with photo historian Denis Pellerin has published many fine books on the art and practice of stereoscopy. For more info and events visit: https://www.londonstereo.com/


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