2023 Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition

Caroline with Pine Cone

I shall be exhibiting Caroline with Pine Cone for the first time at this year’s Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition at Mall Galleries, London. Being a lockdown project, it represents one of the few times I have painted Caroline as herself, which explains it’s particular intimacy. This year’s show will be opened at the PV by Andrew Graham-Dixon and runs from May 4th-14th.

Along with the usual members portraits there were over 3500 entries from all over the world to the open selection this year, so making the final selection from them was a particularly challenging task, but has resulted I in a very dynamic and interesting exhibition. Do go along and see for yourself. As usual our lovely commissions consultant Annabel Elton will be on hand to help potential clients through the exciting but sometimes daunting business of commissioning a portrait.


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