New work at Waterhouse and Dodd 2010


After a three and a half year period of quiet and reflective work in my Dorset studio I will be holding a one man show of new paintings at Waterhouse and Dodd in Cork Street, London which will open on November 24th 2010.

The new works are a mixture of figure paintings and still lifes, and will be reproduced on this site as soon as the exhibition catalogue is available. They will also be displayed on the Waterhouse and Dodd gallery website.

PhotographThe new paintings have all been painted in the same attic space that I have worked in for over twenty five years. Far from finding this restrictive or monotonous, my familiarity with its flaking structure, conflicting light sources and billowing elm floorboards have provided me with an instantly accessible visual vocabulary. I feel that this familiarity allows me to instinctively manipulate these elements freely and unconsciously to emotional ends. As I work on only one painting at a time, this continuity is for me a vital thread that runs through each composition and binds it into the next. Continuity also applies to my subjects that are all people or objects that I am familiar with in one way or another.

The exhibition is open Monday to Friday until 17th December.


The images on the page are all photographs taken in the artist's studio.


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