Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Gallery, Winchester


I will be showing two works, Couple (1990) and Woman Cradling Glass Vessel (2010) in the exhibition 'Family, familiar' at the Gallery at the Discovery Centre in Winchester, 22nd March-11th May 2014. Described by the gallery as “A selection of paintings by members of The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, which takes the theme of ‘family; familiar’ as the starting point for a specially curated exhibition. Featuring self-portraits and portraits of the artists’ family members, as well as portraits of people who have played an important role in the development of their careers by inspiring, supporting and facilitating their creativity. This exhibition will be an intimate collection of portraiture, depicting the hidden views and hidden stories in the life of the artists and the people that surround them.”

The exhibition notes to Couple read: “Painted in 1990 shortly after moving into my new studio, my wife Caroline and I inhabit our own individual spaces whilst nonetheless remaining intimately connected. The small figures seen through the rather theatrical aperture created by the parted curtains of her hair are derived from a painting done in 1969 of us aged 17 entitled 'Flying'. This is merely a description of how the composition was made: it should not be taken as an attempt to convey any implied meaning, which I hope the viewer will be stimulated to supply for themselves.”

Self Portrait 2011

Likewise, the notes to Woman Cradling Glass Vessel read: “The model was my wife, and the picture was painted in 2010 at a time of personal and various family changes: For instance, I remember that the reflected portrait was done very shortly after putting our son Richard on a plane to live in South Korea. Once again though, this was only a starting point to begin the process of composition, and the intent is that it's meaning (if any) remains openly ambiguous.”


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