Work on display at Waterhouse and Dodd


Four paintings, including the first Gallery showing of the recent still life Grinder, are currently on display at Waterhouse and Dodd's Albemarle Street gallery in London. They will be shown alongside an exhibition of recent work by British artist Jemimah Patterson.

As the notes to the exhibition state: "Patterson's works hover between two and three-dimensional disciplines engaging with narrative and memory and drawing from symbolism and surrealism, and are heavily influenced through being one of a conjoined set of identical twins who were surgically separated at birth. Her twinning creates resonant psychological dimensions that are reflected in her compositions, for instance paired or mirrored motifs recur throughout her work, often creating surrogate double portraits. Her magnetic attraction to doubled imagery emerges in her manipulation of shadows and mirrors. The reflective surfaces of both glass and mirror for her chosen medium allow her to explore these ideas of duplicity and identity further."


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